can you be denied a remortgage

Can you be denied a remortgage?

Concerned that your current lender has refused your remortgage application and unsure what you should do now? Don’t worry. Below, the expert team of mortgage advisors at UKMC explains if (and if so, why) lenders can choose to refuse a...

How Do I Place An Offer On A Property

How Do I Place An Offer On A Property?

Have you found your perfect first home or just starting to explore the property market? You don’t want to let that property you fall in love with go to someone else! Placing an offer can make or break your chances....

How Do I Increase My Mortgage Affordability

How Do I Increase My Mortgage Affordability

How Do I Increase My Mortgage Amount? Are you looking to buy your first home but struggling with your mortgage affordability? There are steps you can take to enhance your affordability and secure a higher mortgage loan.   If you’re...

What is a family income benefit policy?

What Is A Family Income Benefit Policy

Ensuring the wellbeing of your loved ones is paramount, especially when you have a family of your own. One insurance policy offers peace of mind and security for families is Family Income Benefit Insurance. In this Family Income Benefit guide,...

What is Income Protection Insurance

What is income protection insurance?

As you embark on the journey of securing your financial future, understanding the ins and outs of Income Protection Insurance is paramount. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on Income Protection Insurance in the UK, answering fundamental questions regarding...

Remortgage To Buy Another Home

How Do I Remortgage To Buy Another Home

In the UK, remortgaging stands out as a highly cost-effective method of raising capital to purchase a new property. However, it is crucial to ensure that your current property holds sufficient equity to make the process worthwhile. If you have...

Life Insurance

What Is Life Insurance and Why Is It Important

 In today’s uncertain world, planning for the unexpected is crucial, and life insurance stands as a cornerstone of financial security for individuals and families alike. But what exactly is life insurance, and why is it so essential? In this comprehensive...

Using Your Remortgage To Consolidate Debt

Using Your Remortgage To Consolidate Debts

What Is A Debt Consolidation Mortgage? A debt consolidation mortgage is a way of consolidating/combing your current debts into one (your mortgage). In many cases this makes managing your money a lot easier. In other words, your mortgage will become...

5% mortgage in the UK

Who is eligible for a 5% mortgage in the UK?

Unsure whether you’ll be accepted by lenders for a five per cent mortgage in the UK? Regardless of whether you have concerns about the size of your deposit and affordability or you’re simply doing research as a first-time buyer, the...