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Our expert, friendly team deliver advice that cuts through the industry jargon to help you secure homeownership on your terms. Get to know our team below

Sam Fox Founder - Headshot



After giving his up dream on becoming a musician, Sam bought his first home and decided to better the mortgage journey for people across the UK. Stemming from a family legacy in mortgages Sam brings creativity and passion to his role, aiming to revolutionize the mortgage experience for all.

Ray Fox - Head Of Adviser Development - Headshot


Head Of Adviser Development

Mortgages have been a part of Ray’s life longer than Sam’s. With over 30 years as a Mortgage & Protection Advisor, Ray knows exactly how to help homebuyers secure their dream home or help landlords maximise investments. Ray’s wealth of experience and deep understanding of the market make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Charlotte | Finance Manager | Headshot


Head Of Accounts

Charlotte has always been in customer-centric roles and is key to our clients understand internal processes and have the right protection in place before purchase. She’s an amazing problem solver. Charlotte helps ensure that the journey each client receives exceptional service and feels confident in their purchase.

Tara French - Operations Manager - Headshot


Head Of Operations

Tara ensures the team provides the best possible experience for clients along their homeownership journey. She coordinates efforts to guarantee seamless transactions and satisfied customers. Tara’s organisational skills and dedication to customer service ensure that each client receives support throughout their home buying journey.

Ben Fox - Sales Manager - Headshot


Head Of Sales

Ben joined UKMC in 2022 and has played a key role in day-to-day operations at UKMC ever since. He creates sales strategies, initiatives and oversees them! Ben’s leadership and strategic vision drive our sales team to success, ensuring that we meet and exceed our targets while providing exceptional service to our clients.

Michelle Fox - Completions Manager - Headshot


Completions Manager

Experienced in property management, Michelle liaises with key people in the property chain, ensuring clients understand home buying processes. Michelle’s attention to detail and proactive approach ensure that transactions proceed smoothly from start to finish, providing peace of mind for our clients throughout the home buying process.

Emma Fairhurst - Marketing Manager - Headshot


Marketing Manager

Emma is the creative force for all our marketing aspects! She ensures that our marketing efforts effectively reach our target audience. Emma ensures our message resonates, driving engagement and growth for our brand.

Jon Parker - Senior Mortgage & Protection Adviser - Headshot


Senior Mortgage & Protection Adviser

With over 25 years in mortgages, Jon helps homebuyers secure homes, from Remortgages to buy-to-lets. His personalised approach ensure tailored solutions for every client. Jon’s wealth of experience of the mortgage market makes him a trusted advisor for clients. He’s also very good at nicknaming everyone in the office!!

Chris Roberts - Mortgage & Protection Adviser - Headshot


Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Chris started working with us back in 2022 as a Case Manager, after passing his CeMap with flying colours he quickly progressed to a Mortgage & Protection Adviser. You could say he is a housing expert since he owns his own Buy To Let properties. Chris’s expertise in the property market makes him a valuable resource for clients seeking to maximise their investments.

Laura Grey - Mortgage & Protection Adviser - Headshot


Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Laura, loves helping people realise mortgage dreams. She excels in communication and problem-solving, ensuring smooth processes and happy homeowners. She loves the chatty side of the job, talking to people from all walks of life, then the problem solving side, breaking down the clients situation and finding the perfect solution for them.

Will Fox - Mortgage & Protection Adviser - Headshot


Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Our first Member of our Mortgage Advisor Academy, Will has flown through his exams to become a Mortgage & Protection Advisor. Will also helps to make sure that Mortgage Applications are seamless, and we receive your mortgage offer as quickly as possible. Fun Fact: Will can inhale a croissant in one.

Steph - Mortgage & Protection Adviser - Headshot


Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Steph joined the world of finance back in 2018 following on from travelling and working in hospitality aboard for 6 years. Her mortgage portfolio consists of first-time buyers, home movers, remortgage, buy to let and bridging loans.  Steph thrives in a energetic atmosphere and finds assisting clients through to completion rewarding.

Amy Jackson - Mortgage & Protection Adviser - Headshot


Mortgage & Protection Adviser

All Amy has ever known is the mortgage world, which was one of her first ever employment at the age of 19. She’s been in the industry for nearly 10 years and has been a Mortgage and Protection Adviser since 2017. You’re in safe hands when Amy is dealing with your mortgage, her goal is getting you that mortgage offer!

Eri Nani - Mortgage & Protection Adviser - Headshot


Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Eri’s passion is to lead people in the right direction for mortgages. With her educational background and industry experience, she provides invaluable guidance for clients on their homeownership journey. Fun Fact – Eri speaks 5 languages and has a passion to learn as many as she can.

Katy Mercer - Mortgage & Protection Adviser - Headshot


Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Katy effortlessly completed her mortgage qualification and now brings her expertise to our team, ready to guide clients through their homeownership journey. Fun Fact about Katy, she always has us laughing and brings a smile every day to the office.

John Cruise - Mortgage & Protection Adviser - Headshot


New Business Associate

John, inspired to help people find mortgages, John’s passion for helping others achieve their dreams and his expertise in the mortgage industry make him a trusted advisor and advocate for our clients! John is also a qualified Zumba instructor but has yet to run a class for the office…

Kristiane Cooke - Business Development Manager - UK Mortgage Centre


Business Development Manager

Kristiane, with 10 years’ experience and specialises in Client Relationship Management and Business Development. She’s also a Zumba instructor, bringing energy and dedication to her role! Kristiane’s passion for building relationships and her vibrant personality make her a trusted advisor for clients and a valuable asset to our team.

Luke - New Business Associate - Headshot


New Business Associate

Luke has worked in financial services since leaving uni. His passion for mortgages came from his fascination on the property market and how up and down it can be! Luke is an aspiring Mortgage Adviser and we’re sure he will be there in no time! Fun Fact – Luke has had a documentary made about him.

Dom Cahill - New Business Associate - Headshot


New Business Associate

Dom was always destined to be here at the UK Mortgage Centre. He first discovered the world of mortgages after becoming friends with Michelle and Ray! Dom loves helping clients navigate through the home buying journey.  When he’s not working you can find him biking, playing football or having a pint with friends.

Helen - Case Manager - Headshot


Case Manager

Helen’s own home buying experience ignited a passion to assist others through the process. Helen ensures attention to detail and empathy in guiding clients through their homeownership journey. Fun Fact about Helen, she’s an avid true crime girly, often watching or listening to murder documentaries… if one of us goes missing, you know who!

Jenny | Case Manager | Headshot


Case Manager

Jenny spent 10 years at 02 as an account manager and then made the hop over to the mortgage world shortly after having her children, working as a case manager.  Jenny loves working as a part of a team and guiding clients through their homeownership journey from start to finish.

Debra Attwood - Case Manager - Headshot


Case Manager

Deb loves assisting clients from start to finish. Her passion for helping others achieve their homeownership dreams shines through in her work. Fun Fact – She is the dancing queen and loves to sing although her friends say it’s a shame, she can’t hold a tune… that doesn’t stop her though!

Emma Will - Customer Support - Headshot


Customer Support

Emma may be a newbie to mortgages but she’s got plenty of passion for the industry. Her enthusiasm and determination drive her towards building a successful career in the industry. Emma’s passion for property and her commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to our team and a trusted member of the team to clients.

Chris Warburton - Videographer - Headshot




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