How does a remortgage work?

Is your existing mortgage deal coming to an end soon? If so, it’s time to think about remortgaging! While the remortgaging process may seem daunting, the knowledgeable team at UKMC is here to make it straightforward. Regardless of whether this...

the cost of remortgaging

The cost of remortgaging

Due to remortgage soon but unsure what to expect? Or perhaps you want to obtain a better understanding of the costs involved so you can budget accordingly? When considering your options, it’s important to take into account any fees due....

how many times can I remortgage

How many times can I remortgage?

Many homeowners consider remortgaging their property to save money, or when they reach the end of their current mortgage arrangement. They may also want to switch if their home’s overall value increases or if they’re worried about rising interest rates....

how to remortgage to release equity

How to remortgage to release equity

Considering making some sought-after home improvements? Or maybe you’ve decided to finally book that trip of a lifetime? Whatever your reason for wanting to remortgage and release equity from your property, understanding how this process works can be crucial to...

best mortgage term for first-time buyers

What is the best term for a first-time-buyer?

Struggling to decide whether you should opt for a shorter or longer mortgage term as a first-time buyer? Fortunately, the professional and down-to-earth team at UKMC is on hand to explain how first-time buyers can choose the most suitable term...

when you remortgage is your house revalued

Will my house be revalued if I remortgage?

Considering whether to have your house revalued? There are several reasons why you might, including for tax purposes, to comply with financial reporting obligations, or ahead of a sale or rental. It can also form part of the remortgaging process....

mortgage guarantee scheme for first-time buyers

What first-time buyers need to know about the mortgage guarantee scheme

A first-time buyer with a dream to own your home? Accessing the government’s mortgage guarantee scheme is one way to help you do exactly that. But how does it work? And do you meet the criteria? At UKMC, our experienced...

can a first-time buyer get a buy-to-let mortgage

Can I get a buy-to-let mortgage as a first time buyer?

Considering applying for a buy-to-let (BTL) mortgage, but unsure whether you’ll be approved due to your first-time buyer status? At UKMC, our mortgage advisors are experts in BTL mortgages and helping first-time buyers, so you’ve come to the right place....

can you be denied a remortgage

Can you be denied a remortgage?

Concerned that your current lender has refused your remortgage application and unsure what you should do now? Don’t worry. Below, the expert team of mortgage advisors at UKMC explains if (and if so, why) lenders can choose to refuse a...