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    Unlocking your home's potential with a Lifetime Mortgage

    Our team is available to assist you with Lifetime Mortgages, whether you plan to use the released equity for Home Improvements, increase your retirement income, or provide financial support to your children for their next home purchase. We are committed to supporting you in achieving your goals through our valuable lifetime mortgage advice.

    How We Can Help

    Arrow Image 05 - Mortgage Broker UK - UKMC We’ll discuss all of your lifetime mortgage options
    Arrow Image 05 - Mortgage Broker UK - UKMC Provide a recommendation based on your circumstances
    Arrow Image 05 - Mortgage Broker UK - UKMC Take care of the application process
    Arrow Image 05 - Mortgage Broker UK - UKMC We can discuss with your loved ones
    Arrow Image 05 - Mortgage Broker UK - UKMC You’ll receive a dedicated advisor

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      *Data Protection - Any information given will be treated as confidential and be accessible only within UKMC

      Lifetime Mortgages

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      Book a call with our friendly team

      Getting started on a lifetime mortgage couldn’t be easier. With a quick call and some basic information, we’ll perfectly pair you with an adviser.

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      Receive Authentically-Human Advice

      Your dedicated lifetime mortgage advisor and case manager will take care of all your paperwork and keep you up to date with your chosen lender, surveyor & solicitor.

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      Unlock Home Ownership

      And just like that, our team will have nailed down the entire process so you can get settled into your new home with a lifetime mortgage!

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      What Is A Lifetime Mortgage?

      What Age Can I Release Equity?

      How Does A Lifetime Mortgage Work?

      How Much Can I Lend With A Lifetime Mortgage?

      What Can A Lifetime Mortgage Be Used For?

      Are There Any Risks Involved With A Lifetime Mortgage?

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      We are nationwide business. We want to ensure that we’re not only supporting you, but the places we call home by reducing our Carbon Footprint right here in the UK.

      Our clients love our relaxed, simple and down to earth approach and now our clients can do so knowing we’re giving back to our planet too.

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      *A Lifetime Mortgage is a loan secured against your home. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. Equity Release will reduce the value of your estate and may affect your entitlement to means tested benefits.