What is a self-build mortgage and can first-time buyers get one?

February 26, 2024

Interested in obtaining a self-build mortgage as a first-time buyer?

If you have the vision and passion to build your own home but are concerned about how you’ll fund this massive construction project as a first-time buyer, we can help.

Below, the expert mortgage advisors at UKMC explain how a self-build mortgage works and whether first-time buyers are eligible to apply for this type of mortgage in the UK.

What is a self-build mortgage?

Instead of seeking a loan to cover the cost of purchasing a property, a self-build mortgage is aimed at individuals that want to design and build their own home.

As a result, this type of loan covers the cost of materials, labour, and equipment.

Unlike a traditional residential mortgage where the loan is transferred in full upon the completion date, the lender releases the funds for a self-build mortgage in instalments.

Typically, there are five or six separate instalments which are released at certain stages of the construction project based on what the project is worth at that time.

The value of the build will typically be assessed by a professional at each stage.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that there are two types of self-build mortgages: arrears stage payment mortgages and advance stage payment mortgages.

Arrears stage payment mortgages are more common in the UK. This arrangement involves funds being provided to help purchase the land, and then subsequent instalments following each stage of the build as these stages are individually completed and assessed by a professional.

Advance stage payment mortgages, on the other hand, involve an agreement of funds in advance and are irrespective of lender valuations. As a result, borrowers know how much they’ll receive at each stage of the construction project before work begins.

Can a first-time buyer get a self-build mortgage?

While a first-time buyer self-build mortgage may be uncommon, it is possible for first-time buyers to get a self-build mortgage in the UK.

However, fewer lenders offer self-build mortgages and even fewer of these will offer self-build mortgages to first-time buyers, so you may find yourself presented with far less options than if you were to apply for a traditional residential mortgage.

Explore your options with UKMC’s mortgage advisors

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