Understanding Property Searches: Your Guide to Ensuring a Secure Home Purchase

July 10, 2023

Property Searches

Buying a new property is a major investment, and conducting crucial property searches is essential for a smooth, issue-free purchase.

In this blog, we’ll delve into four key search types: Local Authority, Environmental, Water & Drainage, and Land Registry. Understanding these searches will boost your confidence in your home buying journey.

Local Authority Searches

Local Authority searches offer insights into planning, building control, highways, rail projects, and pollution concerns. They help ensure your property isn’t near disruptive construction sites or highways. They also reveal if the property is listed, in a conservation area, or subject to tree preservation orders, keeping you informed about the community.

Environmental Searches

Environmental searches focus on crucial factors such as flooding risks, potential landslides, subsidence issues, and contaminated land. In today’s world, where climate change and environmental awareness are significant concerns, these searches ensure that your prospective home is not prone to flooding or built on unstable ground. They also identify any nearby gas hazards or unsightly landfill sites that could impact the property’s desirability.

Water and Drainage Searches

Water and Drainage searches investigate the connection of your future home to a reliable public water supply and efficient sewer system. These searches are crucial in a time where water scarcity is a growing concern. They verify that your property has access to the necessary resources for modern living and reveal the location of public sewers and drainage pipes. This information helps prevent accidental damage to mainlines during any future home extensions and ensures hassle-free showers and functional plumbing.

Land Registry Searches

Land Registry searches provide a digital certificate of property ownership. These searches verify the legitimacy of the current owner’s claim to the property, offering assurance and evidence for your transaction. By conducting this search, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is supported by solid documentation and backed by trusted property records.

By conducting these searches, you gain valuable information about the property’s surroundings, potential risks, plumbing systems, and ownership status.

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